Key to Communication

Communication is a very important part of everyday life. When I was working at a nursing facility, I found it very difficult to communicate with individuals with severe hearing difficulties. The people began losing their hearing when they were older. Frustration kicks in when someone that has been able to hear all of their life is suddenly faced with the impossibility of making out what someone is saying. Hearing aids are the answer. Every person with difficulty hearing can go and have a hearing test. When the doctor says the hearing is minimal, an aid for hearing is a suggestion. Having the ability to hear is a valuable commodity when it comes to stressing information about medications, food, schedules, and talking to loved ones on the phone. If my hearing reduces, the first thing that I will do is schedule an appointment for a hearing assistant. Why go through life without hearing the sounds of the world?

Cannot Understand You

It’s true that many seniors do have hearing conundrums. My sister at the Medicare age has been stalling and trying to fool family members and everyone else at the downtown Senior Center bingo game for a decade. Quite frankly her hearing is one of the reasons why we have to tell her our TV is broken when she comes to visit so we don’t have to mess with the: “Turn the volume up; I can’t hear what they’re saying!”

Yesterday we figured enough was enough, so my wife and I explored some of the latest hearing aids Chester technology at a medical center in town that are hardly visible to the eye unless you’re an ear surgeon, and even kind of matches her skin color. Her birthday is in January and that’s when we plan the surprise and tell her our TV has been repaired if she wears it.

Evergreen delight

If you want instant hedges installed around your property, you are probably thinking about the privacy you will get. What you may not have considered, and I certainly didn’t, is these types of hedges can give you improved security too.

My husband and I recently chose a lovely instant hedge made of holly. We liked it for the deep green color and the red berries that appear for a few months a year. What we didn’t consider, however, was what a marvellous deterrent it was for anyone attempting to get into our garden and, from there, into our home.

In fact, an instant hedge created from holly or another prickly shrub is ideal when it comes to stopping those with nefarious objectives gaining access to your home. Our hedge pricks my hands occasionally when I attempt to prune it. You can only imagine what it would do to a would-be burglar.

Works of Art

Andy Warhol made a drawing of a can of Campbell’s soup famous. Jackson Pollock made what appeared to be nothing but paint dripping from a canvas into a world-famous form of art. Bar stools are pieces of furniture that add style and practicality to any space; hence, they’re works of art, featured in many art galleries.

There isn’t an environment such as a bar where a piece of furniture has had so much influence. For instance, at bars many a colorful situation has started from sitting on a bar stool. From the time drinking contests began to picking up the object of one’s desire, sitting on a stool. Many a fight has started at a bar using a bar stool as a weapon of choice. So whether it’s a spinning, leather bar stool, or a stationery gunmetal style, a bar stool will always be a part of watering hole lore.

Working On Home Renovations.

Last year my husband and I decided to do some renovations with our bathroom. The first thing that we did was to decide on a budget of our spending limit. After that was determined we both agreed to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Since the floor was in pretty bad shape we decided to start there. After finding out that linoleum is a greener option in floor tiles, we found the perfect color to suit our bathroom. It is also great for holding up against moisture, scratching and stains.

To reduce the amount of moisture in the air and for better ventilation we installed a small exhaust fan. A good unit will run about every five minutes keeping the mirrors free from fogging up.

Instead of replacing our bathrooms Bolton cabinets we just painted them over, making them look as if they had just came from the store. Then put borders at the top of the walls and replaced the light fixtures.

Do Not Live Vicariously Through Me

Dating christians is a chore. My friends love to hear about my adventures over a few martinis while they lament about their boring husbands and lives. They often say that they wish they were single once again, but will vicariously live through me for now.

As a bartender, I meet many different men a day, and receive many different phone numbers a week. Most go to the bottom of my purse without a second thought; few are actually dialed. Some of these men are perfectly nice, but simply do not spark my interest. A handful have conveniently forgotten that they have beautiful wives at home, as I find out from angry phone calls in the middle of the night. And another sector of them question my career and life decisions, and feel the need to criticize my every move.

Onlookers may think that I need to settle down or lay low for a while. What most do not know is that I have recently escaped a long relationship with an abusive alcoholic who couldn’t hold a job. Therefore, my friends can choose to live vicariously through me now, but they shouldn’t expect it all to be thrilling. On the outside, I am having fun and enjoying meeting man different personalities. On the inside, I am exhausted. However, when I’m ready to settle, I will, and he will not have a wife at home.